Validation workshops

The purpose of the four workshops is to validate the results of the public consultation with four different stakeholder groups:

  • 22nd October in Leuven with university organisations and research-performing organisations
  • 6th November in London with academies, learned societies and research-funding organisations
  • 20th November in Bucharest with Member States representatives, research attachés and civil society groups
  • 4th December in Madrid with publishers and research intermediaries

At each workshop, key stakeholders will hear a summary of the results of the consultation with particular focus on those results most relevant to their stakeholder group. The stakeholders are then invited to present their overall position on ‘Science 2.0: Science in Transition’ and to engage in discussions on the major themes underpinning ‘Science 2.0’.

The outcomes of the workshops will be accessible from this site on each of the relevant pages, to support continued discussion after each event.